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Dataspace Insight Pty Ltd provides expert services related to:

  • “Big data” analytics and complex data interpretation
  • Development of innovative graphics systems
  • Research and development in science and engineering
  • Research and development in agriculture





    Energy systems consulting

    To reduce CO2 emissions, we must move away from reliance on electricity generated from coal, oil, and gas. The future is now clearly aligned with renewable electricity generation and green fuel produced from renewable electricity.

    With appropriate changes in energy market regulation, hydricity* (the dual and complementary use of hydrogen and electricity as energy conversion currencies) can play a crucial role in dealing with the variable production of renewable energy and variations in energy demand and in providing ancillary network services.

    Trading as Hydricity Systems, Dataspace Insight provides consulting services founded on the analysis of

  • intermittent renewable electricity production,
  • conventional operational demand,
  • emerging demand-valley-filling consumption, and
  • energy market regulations.
  • We continue to actively participate in the IEA's Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Program [link].

    Sparc Hydrogen is a critical leading tech company we're proud to collaborate with [link].

    We are also proud to support the Scaling Hydrogen CRC bid [link].

    * For a primer on hydricity,
    click to :
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